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Employee Phone Policy Agreement

I, hereby acknowledge and agree to abide by the following phone policy as an employee of Lil Piggy in the hospitality industry. I understand that this policy is put in place to ensure the highest level of professionalism, productivity, and customer service.

1. Personal Phone Usage:

a. During Work Hours: I understand that my personal phone usage should be limited to emergencies or necessary personal matters only.

b. Restricted Areas: I agree not to use my personal phone in restricted areas, such as the kitchen, food preparation areas, or in front of customers.

c. Breaks and Rest Periods: I acknowledge that personal phone usage during breaks and rest periods is permitted and will not interfere with work responsibilities or customer service.

d. Your mobile phone should be placed within your designated locker for the duration of the shift. The Lil Piggy phone number can be used by immediate family and service providers to contact you in case of an emergency.

2. Professionalism and Customer Service:

a. Customer Interaction: I will prioritize customer satisfaction and engagement over personal phone usage, ensuring that I am fully attentive and available to assist customers.

b. Phone Etiquette: I understand the importance of maintaining a professional image and will refrain from using my personal phone for personal calls, texting, or social media engagement while on duty.

3. Company Communication:

a. Work-Related Communication: I agree to utilize company-provided communication channels (e.g., work email, messaging apps) for work-related communication, including coordinating with colleagues, supervisors, and management.

b. Emergency Situations: I acknowledge that I may use my personal phone for work-related emergency situations, with the approval of my supervisor.

4. Compliance with Company Policies:

a. Confidentiality: I understand and agree to maintain the confidentiality of customer and company information, refraining from sharing sensitive information through personal phone usage.

5. Consequences of Non-Compliance:

a. Disciplinary Actions: I acknowledge that failure to comply with this phone policy may result in disciplinary actions, including verbal warnings, written warnings, and, in severe cases, termination of employment.

I have read and understood the above phone policy agreement, and I agree to comply with the stated guidelines. I recognize that adhering to this policy is crucial for maintaining a professional work environment and delivering excellent customer service.